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Your Shamanic Priestess Templates  (10).
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I am a healer.  I am a clear vessel to flow life force energy to awaken the healer within each of us.  I have many healing modalities and tools in my healing basket.  The energies flow through me to assist in your awakening, clearing, and bring clarity on your journey of life and ascension.

I was “cracked open” and began on my personal healing journey years ago.  I have had the fortunate opportunity to study with many teachers and mentors over the years to support my path.  I found my deep calling in healing myself. I wanted to assist in awakening other’s capabilities to heal themselves and offer the support, compassion, and love I received from my mentors.  It takes a lot of strength to love yourself enough to go deep and heal.  It takes even more courage to come out of the “spiritual closet” and be authentically you and follow your passion.  I found that strength and courage and I truly want to help others discover that within themselves as well.  

My soul’s mission is to assist other’s on their healing journey and to teach and uplift as needed in the process.  This fills my heart with joy to see people’s lives improve and experience the ripple effect of healing in their lives. I receive healing from this process as well so it is definitely a “win win”.  Heart healing.

During a transformational session, I would set a sacred safe space and we would work together on whatever is “bubbling up” at this time in your journey.  Whether it be physical ailments, emotional trauma, or deep triggers and old programming, the energies and guides in the spirit realms will assist and guide us through the healing process. One can expect to leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated yet also experience big shifts in energy that may facilitate huge changes on your life’s path.


I do this because I feel it is my true calling and passion.  It brings me joy to help others and I truly am humbled and honored to assist others on their healing path and to walk with you whether it be for a short time or a lifetime.  I am deeply grateful.

To your transformation, healing  and happiness,


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