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I am so excited to offer this unique product.  The cacao tea is made from the husk of the bean.  All is peeled and shelled by hand and this has never been touched by machinery.  Cacao tea is filled with the many benefits of cacao yet I refer to it as "cacao lite" ! It's the perfect afternoon "pick me up" without caffeine so no jitters or crash.  Enjoy anytime of day.  Cacao tea is a great alternative for people who aren't able to drink 100% ceremonial cacao paste.  To learn more, send me an email and I'm happy to discuss all of the benefits with you. 

Cacao Tea


    Shipping $9/ order

    Feel free to email me at to arrange local pick up to save on shipping

  • Tea Preparation


    • With gratitude in your measure out 1-3 tsp of tea into a measuring cup
    • Add boiling water and steep for 3-5 min
    • Strain the tea into a cup. Take a few moments and breathe it in, send love and gratitude, and enjoy!
    • Optional - save the leftover tea flakes - brew again and strain. Cool the water and use it as a hair mask. It will make your hair shiny and stimulate growth.
    • Enjoy this hot or cold and feel free to make in larger quantities with the same ratios.  Yum!
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