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Custom Made Infused Energy Movers

Special Purchasing Info:


Please send me an email at for the special pricing ( 2 or more) and to select your preferred colors.  I will do my best to accomodate.  If you only want one energy mover and want me to intuitively select the color, go ahead and place the order without an email.  Either way, thank you and I know you'll enjoy this for years to come. 

Custom Made Infused Energy Movers

  • Custom Made Infused Energy Movers

    These hand made infused energy movers are great for indoors or outside. These beauties utilize the natural available light and a powerful infusion of high vibrational energy to transmute negative energies while preventing stagnation and keep the high vibe energy circulating. Your home and your land will feel clear, free flowing, & blessed. They stay bright and shiny in the elements year round outside.  These make great gifts too! Choose your favorite colors and amp up the energy today!


    *P.S. The fairies love them!


    Energy Mover $15

    Special Combo Price 2 for $25

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