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Cacao and cacao tea have so many health benefits that the list is far too long to share here.  It is an amazing gift for the mind, body, and spirit.   When you connect with the spirit of cacao, there is so much more to experience and explore in the unfolding and opening of your heart with this plant medicine. 


These beautiful sacred plant medicines, cacao and cacao tea, are pure, high vibrational, and so sacred.  All farming, processing, and packaging is done by hand and none of it has ever come into contact with machinery.  All has been blessed by the community at planting, flowering, and harvesting.  Part of the cacao production is left for the animals of the land whose diet is dependent on it in order to respect the symbiotic relationship of cacao with the local flora and fauna.  No chemicals are used anywhere near the cacao and farmers.  The sacred cacao is at all times honored and treated with deep gratitude.  With the purchase of this cacao and/or tea, you are supporting indigenous communities through fair trade and ethical consumption and so much more. 


To learn more and discuss all of the amazing properties of cacao, contact me at

Ka'Kaw Chinimital 100% Pure Ceremonial Cacao Paste


    Shipping $9/ order (inquire over 1 pound please)

    Feel free to email me at to arrange local pick up to save on shipping

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