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You are loved
You are worthy
You are deserving
of  your true heart's desires


I am deeply grateful and honored to have you here.  The healing energies and vibrations flow through me to assist in your awakening of the healer within.  I assist and support you in bringing clarity on your journey of life through heartfelt mind, body, and spiritual healing.  Open your heart to remembering the love deep within.  "Self-full" love nourishes and fills you up to overflowing out into the universe.  I am overjoyed and excited to accompany you on this most sacred healing journey!


Sending you Blessings, Deep Gratitude, and Love!

Your Shamanic Priestess Templates  (2).p
Your Shamanic Priestess Templates  (2).p
Your Shamanic Priestess Templates  (3).p
Copy of Lightworkers Landing Brand Book


Copy of Lightworkers Landing Brand Book

Kim is an amazing beautiful healer that radiates so much love, warmth and compassion. Her gifts as a lightworker are grounding and humbling, taking us to a higher relationship with spirit. Kim's gifts bring in high vibrations both from Heaven and Earth. Her sacred role as a healer will bring you many blessings. Her gifts as a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Starlight Energy vessel bring each experience a magical one. As an intuitive, channel and a talented artist a treasure awaits you as you work with Kim and her many gifts and healing modalities. 


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